News: Cecil Sharp House Permaculture LAND garden wins Camden in Bloom Best Business Garden 2018

A short video about Permablitzing

To Permablitz:

A permablitz involves a group of people meeting up for the day to:

  • Typically create or develop a community or household edible, wildlife-friendly garden, according to a permaculture design. Permablitzes can also involve sustainable non-food growing projects. For example, eco-friendly builds such as making compost toilets or retro-fits of existing homes as well as growing fibre for clothes or planting for fuel.
  • Learn about permaculture and gardening through skills shares and mini-workshops
  • Build community networks
  • Share a delicious lunch
  • and have lots of fun

New permablitzers are always welcome. We are also looking for more volunteer designers who have completed a permaculture design course. If you’d like to join us at a permablitz, want have one at your own place, think you can help with designs or are thinking about setting up a permablitz network in your area: contact us.

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Forthcoming permablitzes

Permablitzes for 2019 will be announced shortly


Nubian Life Permablitz broadcast on Gardeners’ World – Friday 22nd June at 8pm

It will be available to view on iPlayer afterwards.

This is the director and cameraman filming the final group photo at the end of the day:

Cecil Sharp House Permaculture LAND project wins Camden in Bloom 2017

Cecil Sharp House garden approved as a permaculture LAND project

Recent Permablitzes

Reay School permablitz • 1st December 2018

This was the first permablitz at Reay Primary School and lots of parents, children came to help lay down the lasagne mulch, move the bug hotel and plant green manure to prepare the soil for planting in the spring.

Cecil Sharp House permablitz • 24th November 2018

We had a lovely day collecting leaves from the beds to make leaf mould, laying down the winter bark-chip mulch and planting bulbs for the spring.

Weedington Road Community Garden permablitz • 3rd November 2018

We had a fantastic day laying down a lasagne mulch over the soil to prepare for planting in the spring. We laid cardboard, manure from Kentish Town City Farm with barkchip on top. We also built a compost bin primarily for leaves out of recycled pallets and painted it a smart blue. There are now also a selection of bulbs planted around the base of the trees and lampost that will provide some colour and nectar in the spring.

Glengall Wharf Garden permablitz • 21st October 2018

This permablitz at Glengall Wharf Garden was all about compost! Sue Amos gave a workshop all about different composting methods including wormeries and cold composting. We sifted compost using a large turning seive (see picture above) and mulched the forest garden and laid down our annual lasagne mulch using manure and wood chip.

Forest Farm Peace Garden permablitz • 6th October 2018

A big thank you to everyone who braved the rain at the permablitz at Forest Farm Peace Garden on Saturday 6th October. Despite the rain we mostly stayed dry under two large gazebos that we moved around to cover us where we were working. We cleared an area so we can plant up in spring, potting up lots of raspberries and other plants and laying down a lasagne mulch. We also planted more native plants that are being showcased in this section of forest garden.

Gosia’s garden permablitz • 23rd September 2018


Despite the rain in the morning everyone stayed dry under the gazebo and she is thrilled with the transformation (see the before and after photos above). Two planters were built and painted: one a ‘wicking bed’ and the other had logs and manure added as a hugel base. A leaf mould composting bench was created (people can sit on top of the composting leaves) and the garden was re-landscaped with a slate-covered pathway created around the outside. And Aramis, Gosia’s dog is very pleased with his new digging area.

Susannah’s allotment permablitz • 1st September 2018

This was a lovely day and we got through a huge amount: dismantled pallets to create wicking beds, rebuilt two compost bins, added guttering to the shed roof, painted the raised beds, prepared and mulched a miniature forest garden area and planted a range of unusual perennials.

Cecil Sharp House permablitz • 15th July 2018

We had a great day introducing more unusual edible perennials into the entrance garden, re-planting the green roof and creating wicking beds.

Forest Farm Peace Garden • 9th June 2018

This was the first of a series of permablitzes to create an area of forest garden to showcase UK native plants. We dug over the first area before laying out and planting a range of new plants and marking out the pathways. Finally, we laid down weed suppressant covered with a mulch of wood chip. A team also created the stand for the display panels, painted with eco-paint. The permaculture design was prepared by Kayode Olafimihan.

The area before the permablitz…

…and after

Nubian Life permablitz • 2nd June 2018

The permablitz at Nubian Life Centre for elders from the African and Afro-Caribbean community in White City created a garden for them to enjoy with raised beds for sensory plants, vegetables and edible climbers. We also planted a miniature forest garden. The permaculture design was prepared by Kayode Olafimihan.

The group at the end of the day

The patio before the permablitz…

…and afterwards

the miniature forest garden area before…

…and afterwards.



Permaculture Magazine features Permablitz London


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Stir Magazine article about Permablitz London

stir_magazine_winter_2014_with_frameStir Magazine published an article about Permablitz London in the Winter 2014 issue. Click here for more information and to order a copy.












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Perma – from permaculture, a design system for sustainable living. A permablitz is organised to implement a permaculture design. Blitz – is the German word for a lightning strike. A permablitz involves the focused application of energy to install part of a permaculture system. When lightning strikes it heats the air around it making the nitrogen in the air absorbable in water. So the nitrogen dissolves in the rain, which fertilizes the ground where it falls. This is just what a permablitz is designed to do: create a fertile soil where plants can grow.