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Permablitzed garden wins Camden in Bloom ‘Best Business Entrance’ award

We are thrilled that the permaculture-designed entrance garden at Cecil Sharp House in Camden has won the Camden in Bloom Best Business Entrance Award. We permablitzed the entrance garden on 15th March 2014, creating a herb spiral, building a pond, establishing mulched pathways and planting folksy apple trees (Cecil Sharp House is the home of the English Folk Dance and Song Society) along with edible shrubs, perennials and herbs. Click here for more information.

To Permablitz:

A permablitz involves a group of people meeting up for the day to:

  • Typically create or develop a community or household edible, wildlife-friendly garden, according to a permaculture design. Permablitzes can also involve sustainable non-food growing projects. For example, eco-friendly builds such as making compost toilets or retro-fits of existing homes as well as growing fibre for clothes or planting for fuel.
  • Learn about permaculture and gardening through skills shares and mini-workshops
  • Build community networks
  • Share a delicious lunch
  • and have lots of fun

New permablitzers are always welcome. We are also looking for more volunteer designers who have completed a permaculture design course. If you’d like to join us at a permablitz, want have one at your own place, think you can help with designs or are thinking about setting up a permablitz network in your area: contact us.

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Recent Permablitzes

Susannah’s allotment, Golders Green, 12th March 2016


Susannah has just taken on this plot and by the end of the day a huge amount was achieved: we created a herb spiral, set up two hugel beds, a strawbale raised bed, painted and planted up planters with fruit tree guilds, erected a polytunnel, dug a drainage ditch and felted the shed roof.

Eden Project, Cornwall, 6th February 2016


Permablitz London and the London Rainforest Choir lead a public workshop performance for the Eden Project’s World Music Family Weekend. We sang and build into being a Baka rainforest Mongolu dwelling in the rainforest Biome to form part of a Baka Camp exhibit in the West Africa section.

The Eden Project Rainforest Biome explores biodiversity, form and function, and the importance of the rainforest as a habitat and resource provider for food, fuels, medicines, and materials.

This world has an abundance of everything we need. Scarcity is due to people forgetting how to share : Baka Forest People

Sheila’s garden, Heathrow, 29th November 2015

Heathrow permablitz 29th Nov 2015 final group

Sheila has lived in her house, which is a stone’s throw from the Heathrow runways since the 1930s, before Heathrow existed. We uncovered the runner bean frames her husband used for his beans, built a herb spiral and laid down a lasagne mulch to support the soil over winter.

South London Housing Co-op, 1st November 2015


This permablitz was the first stage of transforming the garden space at a housing cooperative in Peckham. We created bark-covered pathways, planted guilded perennials, created a decorated compost bin, built a vertical growing ladder against the wall, put up growing gutters on the wall and created a herb spiral in the front garden.

Glengall Wharf Garden, 20th September 2015


At this permablitz we laid down a lasagne mulch to prepare soil in the extension of the forest garden. We also planted unusual perennials into the area we cleared.

Forest Farm Peace Garden, Hainault – refreshing the forest garden
6th September 2015


As summer turned towards autumn and the fruit was ripening in the forest garden we cleared and planted an area of the forest garden with permaculture tree guilds of decorative perennial plants emphasising forage for bees and other insects. We also created a peaceful sitting area in the shade under the existing damson tree, building stools from recycled wood.

Forest Farm Peace Garden, Hainault – erecting the kitchen
9th August 2015



Everyone gathered and together we erected the magnificent kitchen, that now covers the cob oven at Hainault Forest Farm Peace Garden. We also prepared an area of the forest garden for the next permablitz there in September.

Forest Farm Peace Garden, Hainault, 5th July 2015


This was a woodworking preparation day to create the pieces that were assembled into an outdoor kitchen for Forest Farm Peace Garden cob oven on 9th August.

Forest Farm Peace Garden is an organic community garden in the middle of a large allotment in Hainault, East London with an ecotherapy programme for supported volunteers.  They work with a broad cross-section of the local community to promote mental and physical health, social inclusion, intercultural awareness, and environmental sustainability.

Lucy T’s garden 28th June 2015


This was a people-care focussed permablitz that transformed Lucy’s courtyard garden into a tranquil, ecological-ornamental space with shade-loving edible perennials, a wildlife-friendly water feature and spaces to sit around her cast iron barbecue.

Owen’s garden 3rd May (International Permaculture Day) 2015


This permablitz in Owen’s back garden was a celebration of international year of soils. We built hugel raised beds and planted them up with guilded plant alliances, created a pallet compost bay, and built a wormery from a recycled sink unit.

Upon this handful of soil our survival depends. Husband it and it will grow our food, our fuel and our shelter and surround us with beauty. Abuse it and the soil will collapse and die, taking humanity with it. Sanskrit text 1,500 BC

Cecil Sharp House garden 14th March 2015


Cecil Sharp House, a grade II listed building, is the home of English folk music and dance which generously hosts the annual London Permaculture Festival. On the permablitz we extended the awarding winning low maintenance, decorative, ecological and edible design for their permaculture entrance garden into their walled garden. We installed a pond, butterfly bed, sensory bed and bridal border with drip feed irrigation – all highlighting the soil-food-web, permaculture guilds and edible perennials while creating a variety of wildlife habitats.

Joe’s garden 21st February 2015


At Joe’s house in Peckham we installed an edible, wildlife friendly garden in the back garden. We planted unusual edible perennials along with nectar-rich flowers to encourage pollinating insects. We laid down the structure for the garden, with brick lined, bark-mulched pathways, a patio as a seating area with the rest of the garden dedicated to growing. We created a hugel raised bed out of recycled pallets and planted fruit trees, fruiting shrubs, scented flowers, salads, vegetables, herbs and ground cover.

Billericay Community Garden 8th November 2014


This permablitz was to help establish Billericay Community garden so we built a herb spiral and two raised beds, one of which was created using hugel kultur. The two beds were planted up with the same plants so it will be possible to compare them. We had a delicious lunch with four different soups, including a nettle soup, made with nettles from the garden.

Glengall Wharf Garden 26th October 2014

The group photo at the end – well done everyone!

As a permaculture LAND Centre, Glengall Wharf Garden has made hugelkultur the focus of practical research over the last 2 years. We spent the day reconfiguring the hugels, preparing them for another year of productive growing. It was a great day of learning, doing and eating a delicious lunch made from veg from the garden.

For the record of the day click here.

James and Lucy’s Front Garden 31st August 2014


This was a front garden makeover for James and Lucy to create an ornamental, edible, ecological space. As well as planting up the front garden and laying down an irrigation system, we created a herb spiral, two planters, established a pond, and set up a community composting system.

Emily’s Garden 3rd August 2014


We dismantled pallets, recycling them to create a series of planters that we planted up with vegetables; we also set up a wildlife pond and a bee/butterfly garden for Emily and Thomas (her young son).

Magazine article about Permablitz London

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    September 3 @ 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
  2. London Rainforest Choir Workshop with Su Hart

    September 11 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Permablitz lighting


Perma – from permaculture, a design system for sustainable living. A permablitz is organised to implement a permaculture design. Blitz – is the German word for a lightning strike. A permablitz involves the focused application of energy to install part of a permaculture system. When lightning strikes it heats the air around it making the nitrogen in the air absorbable in water. So the nitrogen dissolves in the rain, which fertilizes the ground where it falls. This is just what a permablitz is designed to do: create a fertile soil where plants can grow.