London Rainforest Choir singing workshops with Su Hart

This world has an abundance of everything we need. Scarcity is due to people forgetting how to share: Baka Forest People


The London Rainforest Choir workshops are open to all. Come along and learn the joyful compelling singing of the Baka rain forest people of Central Africa. Their multi-layered polyphony has accompanied daily tasks and ritual for millennia and is great fun. We learn songs and chants to soothe babies, play with children, enchant animals, heal arguments and celebrate the abundance of life.

Working towards performances to raise funds and awareness for rain forest and other indigenous people and the environment.

For more information about the Baka culture, along with an article by Dr Jerome Lewis entitled ‘The scarcity myth: what hunter gatherers can teach us about sharing. Managing abundance, not chasing scarcity: the real challenge for the 21st century’ – click here

Forthcoming singing workshops – how to book

Pre-booking of all workshops is essential. The cost of a workshop is £25 (if you need a concession please write).10% of all proceeds will go to the Baka people (  If you have any questions contact Kayode at

To see dates for future workshops please see the events page

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Permablitz lighting


Perma – from permaculture, a design system for sustainable living. A permablitz is organised to implement a permaculture design. Blitz – is the German word for a lightning strike. A permablitz involves the focused application of energy to install part of a permaculture system. When lightning strikes it heats the air around it making the nitrogen in the air absorbable in water. So the nitrogen dissolves in the rain, which fertilizes the ground where it falls. This is just what a permablitz is designed to do: create a fertile soil where plants can grow.